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We've launched our new Business Strategy

Our New Business Strategy

We are delighted to have launched our new Business Strategy for 2017 to 2022. This five year plan was developed by our staff, volunteers, Board, and through consultation and information received from external stakeholders and clients.

It's an ambitious plan, which has four key objectives:

1. Advice - We want to continue to help more people in a more effective way

2. Voice - We want to become a stronger voice for our clients

3. Sustainable - We want to ensure that the organisation becomes more sustainable, in these tough economic times

4. Partnership - We want to ensure that we keep working closer with our partners to tackle the issues our clients are facing, and create new partnerships which will help our clients further

Our clients have told us that we have a strong, well-trusted brand, and we are proud to be a part of the Citizens Advice network. We have a strong history of delivering life changing advice to residents of Stevenage, and year on year we have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of people in the town. We know that we could not do this alone - we have fantastic support from Stevenage Borough Council, and a variety of other funders, without who we couldn't operate. We also have a superb team of staff and volunteers, currently 25 staff members and around 70 volunteers. Again, without these, we simply would not be here.

We believe though, that our advice has never been more important. We are in the midst of a programme of welfare reform which is radically changing the way in which the benefits system interacts with people, as well as what they are entitled to. Without us, many people would have nowhere to turn. We are also seeing an increasingly tough funding environment, one in which grant funding is becoming much more difficult to come by. The challenge for us is very clear - how can we continue helping more people in a more effective way, in such a tricky funding environment? Our strategy sets out how we are going to go about this over the next five years. Better use of technology, better partnership working, and empowering our clients to take action on the issues they face. Currently, we know we solve 2 in every 3 problems our clients bring to us - we're confident we can increase this even further. It may be tough times for charities, but we think they can be exciting ones too.

Thanks for reading, and remember you can read the full strategy document here