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No rush and no hush is the way to beat scams
‘No rush and no hush is the way to beat scams’ say advice experts in North Herts and Stevenage. The Comet has published an article on scams, and what you can do to beat the scammers:  

" July is Scams Awareness Month and CAB experts will be highlighting how scams continue to flourish when people stay silent.
Figures show that fewer than five per cent of victims report scams to the authorities, and the CAB wants everyone to report suspicious activities, get advice if they think they’ve been conned, and warn others to help stop scams from spreading.
The month-long awareness campaign is asking people to keep two things in mind when they receive any unsolicited approach or when they are looking for goods or services – don’t be rushed and don’t be hushed. "

Read the full article on The Comet's website by following this link: