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Price cap extension is essential to protect consumers, says Citizens Advice

In its role as the official consumer watchdog for energy, Citizens Advice has responded to the BEIS Energy Retail Market Strategy for the 2020s, including an extension of the energy price cap framework.

Dame Clare Moriarty, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice, said:

“This strategy should protect customers from the loyalty penalty and make it easier for them to choose energy products that save them money. It will also help consumers reduce their carbon footprint, by expanding protections for buying green products and services.

“The price cap prevents loyal customers who don’t switch from being ripped off by their energy supplier. The government’s commitment to keeping the price cap in place until such protections are no longer needed is good news for customers. It is especially important at a time when many households face significant financial challenges resulting from the pandemic.

”People can make savings by switching suppliers. The government’s proposals to improve the switching process should help more people get a fair deal on their bills.”