Research & Campaigns

Our Research & Campaigns work is hugely important. We collect evidence from the problems our clients are facing, and press for change. The stories our clients tell us provide a unique insight into the problems people are facing.

Below is some information about our current campaigns. If you want to get involved and tell us your story, please get in touch. Also, if you think there is a local campaign which is affecting local people, and you think we could help, get in touch and tell us about the issue.

Current Campaigns

Behavioural Insights 
We recently worked with the Behavioural Insights team on applying consumer behaviours to a regulated market. You can read the full report here.

Child Poverty 
We are looking specifically at families with debt and a need for food as income is not able to cover food costs for the children in the family. Take a look at our full report here for more information.

Universal Credit
We are looking for evidence around whether the claiming process is working effectively, whether there are payment delays, or hardship caused by the UC claim. Take a look at our feel report here

Are you self-employed and having your working tax credit claim questioned or stopped? We want simpler and more responsive policies that give self-employed people the security to plan and balance their lives, while developing their business. We also want to reduce "bogus" self-employment, where people whose work has all the hallmarks of employment have been classified as self-employed to reduce their employers' costs and responsibilities.

Free School Meals

Current issues are affecting our society more than we could have imagined. Free school meals has been a high item on the agenda. You can read our full report is coming soon.

If you would like to get involved or share a story about any of the issues mentioned, please get in contact with us.


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